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The Equality AIManifesto

  • Data scientists are the newest members of the healthcare team. As such, the Hippocratic Oath applies…First do no harm. Therefore, we pledge to adhere to the following ethical code and swear to fulfill, to the best of our ability and judgement, this covenant:
  • We respect that algorithms have power; over life and death; treatment and non-treatment; distribution of scarce resources. This awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of our privilege.
  • We respect healthcare data privacy and security. We won’t lose sight that each data point is a unique human experience digitally recorded.
  • We respect the hard-won scientific gains of those in whose steps we walk and gladly share such knowledge.
  • We will not be ashamed to say, "I don’t know...yet", and will call on our colleagues when the skills of another are needed.
  • We value a culture that combines an agile mindset and processes with authenticity, personal wellness, and team fulfillment.
  • May we always act to preserve the finest traditions of the healthcare calling. We bring modern technology methods to solve healthcare’s most challenging problems: inequity, bias, and unfairness. We believe in AI for good, AI that is fair, and AI for equity.

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We pledge 1% of our equity and staff time to diversifying tech and leadership representation